9 Barrow Restoration

New York, NY | Built between 1897 and 1911, 9 Barrow Street was used as a commercial property before being converted into a residential co-op with first floor commercial space in 1985. Architect Charles Rentz designed the first part on West 4th Street and Architect John P. Voelker, treasurer for the Brooklyn chapter of the American Institute of Architects, designed the following three additions, completing the corner building. Known as the Hallanan Building, it was financed by Michael Hallanan, an Irish immigrant who made a small fortune by inventing rubber horse shoes. A decorative shield, proudly displayed at the center of the façade, shows an abstracted horse shoe and its US patent number.

Allen Ross Architecture was hired to provide comprehensive restoration and repair services to the Landmarked building, including façade restoration and complete window replacement. Work began with the façade restoration which was necessitated by the FISP (Façade Inspection Safety Program) report from the Local Law 11 required inspection. Allen Ross Architecture coordinated the work of Sullivan Engineering and Cuono Engineering to evaluate, document and design the restoration, including complete cornice replacement, structural reinforcement of the early 20th century steel frame, brick replacement (both general and decorative), roof repair, penthouse deck repairs, and other associated façade work.

The window replacement, completed in 2020, covered all windows and exterior doors throughout the building — historic arch-top windows, fire-rated lot line windows, balcony doors, and large picture windows — totaling 380 units. Marvin Wood Clad Ultimate Double Hung Next Generation 2.0 are the primary windows used throughout the building. These high-performance windows have appropriate historic details and a durable low-maintenance exterior finish. Fire rated wire-glass windows were replaced with clear ceramic-glass units. The work improved aesthetics, building comfort, energy efficiency and increased the value of the co-op units.

In addition to the restoration projects, Allen Ross Architecture has assisted with the commercial restaurant ventilation and noise control issues. These complex ventilation and acoustical solutions are being addressed in conjunction with the other design teams, building management, special acoustical consultants and the contractors.

From its eclectic beginnings to its current Landmarked status, 9 Barrow Street has been transformed during its 120 plus years. The Hallanan Building is an important part of the historic fabric of Greenwich Village and the City of New York. Allen Ross Architecture is honored to have such an important role in its ongoing stewardship.